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Georgia is my home and where I grew up. Although I had the opportunity to travel and see the world during my service in the Navy, I am happiest while trekking through remote locations photographing lighthouses which I can later capture on sand dollars (my natural canvas from the sea).

I have a deep appreciation for lighthouses as well as their keepers. Lighthouse keepers were often isolated in remote locations with weather conditions so harsh that supplies had to be air dropped. I am inspired by the rich and fascinating history of lighthouses; for example, the Cape Hatteras lighthouse was the center of a conflict during the Civil War. During WWII, many of the lighthouses in the South were used as “lookouts” by soldiers and German U-2 boats patrolled the waters near Cape Lookout.  Reportedly, in 1792 President George Washington personally ordered construction of the Montauk Point lighthouse in NY.

My gallery represents lighthouses from all around the U.S. and  Great Lakes; I have also included selected international lighthouses.

I frequently get requests for a specific lighthouse, so if you don’t see your favorite lighthouse, just let me know and I will be happy to talk with you about it.